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What We Think of Working Here 


"For me joining Rutherford Briant has been a breath of fresh air. At Rutherford Briant we are passionate about getting it right and delivering a quality of service.  As a result I can confidently represent a brand that I truly believe in and care about. 

We like to challenge the status quo and come up collectively with different ideas to stand out from the crowd. 

I can see that I will have a long career with Rutherford Briant and I am looking forward to what the future brings."

Iain Jones


"The company really does take care of their staff and ensure that the consultants keep on bettering themselves with regular training. The creative picnic area in the office adds a sense of fun to the office along with the onsite gym being done due to targets being met as a reward and recognition of the hard work."

Amy Krone


"Joining Rutherford Briant has been a really positive experience for myself; as an employee, I am part of a fantastic team environment on a daily basis where everybody is here to help each other, not to mention the level of expert advice provided from our Directors. They have provided me with a fantastic opportunity to work for one of the leading firms in the area and coming to work every day is a thoroughly enjoyable experience! The lively atmosphere and the mix of personalities is second to none!
Hunter Wallis


"Rutherford Briant is an excellent agency to work for, not only is there a team ethic and atmosphere within the office that is incomparable to anywhere else I have experienced. There is also a strong focus on career development and support that only instils confidence and a real desire to succeed from everyone in the company. It is an agency that can provide you with a lot of responsibilities early on in your recruitment career but with a great sense of fun and enjoyment to go alongside it." 
Josh Wells


"Rutherford Briant is a unique working environment that instils teamwork and creative thinking through the construction of an inspiring working space and ongoing, constructive conversations between the consultants and the directors. From the support of the directors that encourages you to operate as an individual, to the perks in office and the occasional silly challenge and office outings, Rutherford Briant stands out as an employer."

Sean Dodsworth


"Rutherford Briant are a great agency to work for! There is a perfect balance between hard work and career development and team building and silly office activities. When starting a brand new career, you feel nurtured and supported with every step in progress which helps each individual to really maximise their potential. The office environment stands out with its quirky décor and enthusiastic vibe, the people that work within it make Rutherford Briant a truly unique professional place to work. I LOVE IT!"

Robyn Wells


"There are a number of factors that contribute to Rutherford Briant being an excellent place to work. What has stood out for me is the working environment, the opportunity to run our own desk and the quality driven approach that is promoted from the outset. The support given by the directors is second to none and has been invaluable, particularly to me as I began my career in Recruitment here. All of this, partnered with a brilliant group of people to work alongside is what makes Rutherford Briant a truly unique place to work."
Fred Howe 


"Rutherford Briant are an excellent company to work for on multiple levels. I have received constant support which is what you look for as an Apprentice alongside the fantastic encouragement from the Directors and other colleagues which helps you to really maximise your potential. Although being a very professional place to work, the working environment is truly enjoyable and positive which does result in all of us looking forward to coming to work."

Ben Bailey


"Joining Rutherford Briant has really opened my eyes as to how beneficial working in a supportive work environment can be. Since joining, I have received training alongside the regular guidance of my directors and the support of my work colleagues on a daily basis. Having your hard work noted and appreciated really drives you to continue to do well. Working as a team really helps with the ups and downs of recruitment, with the ups clearly standing out for me over the last 3 months! RBR is a fantastic team and environment to be a part of!"
Yvonne Ritter