AGM 2022/23

This morning the Rutherford Briant team attended our AGM 2022/23. The meeting was presented by; Toby Briant, Iain Jones, James Lassey, Josh Wells, Kelly Hunt and Amy Krone, who each covered their 2022 highlights for their teams and proposed their goals for the year ahead.


The meeting finished with Toby announcing award wins across 4 different categories; Top Biller 2022 Award, Best Newcomer Award, Values Award and Employee of the Year Award with an Honourable Mention for Employee of the Year.

The winners were…

Top Biller 2022 Award – James Lassey

Best Newcomer Award – Phoebe Walden

Values Award – Zoe Benham

Employee of the Year Award – Josh Wells

Employee of the Year Honourable Mention – Louis Thomas


Congratulations to all who won and well done on all your hard work throughout 2022.


We are looking forward to all that’s to come for Rutherford Briant in 2023.

Group Photo

Posted by: Molly Goddard