February Recruitment Market Update

The Essex and Suffolk Recruitment market have begun in a similar vein to the end of last year.

New job levels remain high. December traditionally sees a drop off in job registrations and new roles being advertised. This was the case in 2022, however numbers remained higher than in previous years reflecting a healthy market.

Similarly in January, there was a surge in new job registrations, but the statistics reveal an annual pattern of a slower start post Christmas accelerating throughout the month as businesses get back into the swing of things and strategic growth plans feed their way through to hiring decisions.

Rutherford Briant Recruitment saw an increase of 40% in job registrations compared to last Jan. This may not be the best market indicator as our team has also grown in the same period. However our market watch shows an increase in advertised vacancies across the region of just over 10% indicating a healthy jobs market.

So what of candidates? We have seen a surge of new candidate registrations compared to previous years with candidate registrations up over 80%. Again this may be in part due to our growth, new branding, new website, great marketing team etc but it does suggest that the candidate market is more buoyant. Candidates are more confident in exploring new career opportunities. Some are driven by high inflation leading them to seek payrises with a job move if their current company payrises are not keeping up. Others are still keen to find businesses with a more dynamic flexible working arrangement - not just working for home, but a clear strategy for career development combined with hybrid working.

One thing is certain, it is a very dynamic recruitment market and a very interesting and exciting year ahed in the region!

Posted by: Toby Briant