A Clients Guide to the Recruitment Process

We have daily conversations with clients regarding the recruitment process and how it works, with many not knowing where to start in terms of conversations about rates or how we source our candidates.

At Rutherford Briant, we know that when you are looking to hire, you want a recruitment partner who goes above and beyond throughout the recruitment process. Below, I have outlined a detailed step-by-step guide of the recruitment process with a new client.


Establishing Your Needs

The first stage of the recruitment process is establishing why you are recruiting and what/who you are looking for. Perhaps you are recruiting due to a restructure of team growth, or maybe someone has unexpectedly handed in their notice? From this, a skillset needs to be established e.g., experience and qualifications. It is also incredibly helpful to have a job description that can be shared with us, as we can use this to assist with our candidate screening process and for a candidate’s interview prep. If you’re unsure about how to structure the job description, this is something we can assist with too.


Telephone Call

Once you have established your needs, we will set up an initial conversation with you over the telephone to discuss the needs and requirements for the role you are recruiting for. We will go through how you would like to be contacted throughout the recruitment process and speak to you about any candidates we have available on the market that could be suitable for the role.


Discussing Rates

When it comes to recruitment rates, we understand our clients’ budgets and try to be as commercial as possible. All rates are dependent on the level of the role, volume of roles and exclusivity and are only payable upon the candidate’s start date. Once a rate has been discussed and agreed, you will receive a copy of our terms and conditions which will detail this information further.


Face to Face Meeting

To ensure we fully understand your organisation and team structure, we will arrange a face-to-face meeting with you at your offices to see the set-up of your business and how it operates. We will speak to you in detail about the structure of your team, what systems are being used, company culture and your previous experience using recruitment agencies. We will detail our process and give you market insights. We can also bring candidate CVs along with us to discuss their experience and skills.


Sourcing Candidates

We will continue to source candidate CVs for you, ensuring to find out the candidates’ interview availability. Every candidate we speak to, we meet and will not send a candidate to you unless we have pre-screened and met them. As part of this process, we will find out the specific needs of the candidate to ensure these matches with what you are looking for. Our aim is to provide you with quality not quantity, so we will ensure to only send you relevant candidates that we know will be a good fit, using our knowledge of your team and culture from the face-to-face meeting. Being a specialist agency, our candidates mainly come from recommendations and referrals, giving us access to a part of the market that the larger agencies will not have.



Upon deciding which candidate/s you would like to see, we will arrange the interviews for you, whether this be virtual or face-to-face. We coordinate everything for you, ensuring a time and date that works for both you and the candidate. As part of this process, we ensure the candidate is fully prepared for the interview by meeting them again to run through what to expect and other aspects of the business such as the team culture.


Offer Management

Once you have decided to make an offer to a candidate, we will put forward the offer to them and if there are any discussion or conversations regarding salary, study support, benefits, start date, notice period, we can have these conversations on your behalf to ensure both sides are happy.


Candidate Starting

Once the candidate has started at your business, we will ensure to book in regular check-ins with both yourself and the candidate to make sure everything is running smoothly and there are no issues from either side. You will receive an invoice of the pre-agreed fee upon the candidate’s start date.


We pride ourselves on ensuring that all our clients receive a thorough service and we make sure that relationship building is at the heart of all our recruitment.

Posted by: Rutherford Briant