temporary workers - annual leave

Rutherford Briant offer our temporary workers a holiday entitlement of 20 days plus 8 days bank holiday equating to 28 days annual leave over the year. Our annual leave year runs from January December.

Any holiday unused at the end of the holiday year will be paid to you in one lump sum alongside your usual pay. Your holiday quota will then re-set.

Any outstanding holiday pay not taken during the course of your assignment will be paid to you in your final payslip.

After 12 weeks (3 months) temporary workers are entitled to the same benefits as a permanent member of staff. At which point we will complete an AWR check with the client you are working with and amend your holiday if necessary.

Booking Annual Leave

In order to book annual leave we would ask that you do the following;

  • Agree the date with your line manager that you are currently working with following their own internal process

  • Email your consultant and admin@rutherfordbriant.com

  • In order for payment to be made for the holiday dates you need to process a holiday claim on
    • Intime’s Payroll portal by doing the following;
    • Pay
    • Holiday Claims
    • Enter the dates you would like to be paid holiday for.
    • Please do not complete a timesheet for the days you are taking holiday
  • Intime’s payroll portal automatically updates to show you how much holiday you have currently accrued.

  • The payroll team at Rutherford Briant will approve the holiday when it comes to processing the payroll. Please note holiday will not automatically be applied if this section is not completed.

  • Holiday is calculated on a pro rata basis and the amount paid per day will depend on the average number of hours you have worked over 52 weeks or however many weeks worked if less.

  • To give a rough estimation, after 12 weeks of working you will have accrued 6.46 days.

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