AWR & Auto Enrolment

The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) came into effect on the 1st October 2011. It protects temporary workers hired through an agency, or those working through an umbrella company. Temporary workers and contractors working through their own Limited Company are unaffected by AWR.

The AWR legislation ensures that any temporary worker who is working for a company after 12 weeks in the same job role, will have the same working conditions to that of a permanent employee in the same job.

As a result, temporary workers after 12 weeks in the same role must be treated to the same terms and conditions relating to pay as a permanent member of staff.

Your consultant at Rutherford Briant will do an AWR check with the client you are currently working with to ensure that you are receiving the same benefits as a permanent member of staff. This usually relates to an increase in holiday entitlement.

As part of your AWR check, Rutherford Briant are legally obliged to auto enrol you into a pension scheme at which point you will start paying pension contributions. Further information will be sent to you closer to the time including details of contribution percentages, details of opting out and contact details for our pension provider NEST.

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