Crafting your Christmas Career Wishlist for 2024

As the festive lights twinkle and the aroma of Christmas meals fill the air, the Christmas season not only offers opportunity for togetherness, family spirit and joy but also a unique time to self-reflect on the past year, the achievements of the year and the personal goals for 2024. We’ll explore the question “what is on the career wish list?” and how you can best secure this in your next role.



Salary is incredibly important for any role, however a competitive salary within an account’s role is particularly crucial. It recognises the specialised skills and expertise you bring to the table. A salary where you feel valued, is going to inspire you to work harder and feel more determined when at work and feel you are being paid for all the hard work you’ve put in, thus, allowing your professional development to be supported holistically.



The opportunity of having work life flexibility is also important and has become more prevalent in workplaces’ thought processes. The allowance of flexibility provides you the chance to balance your personal and professional life, which is crucial for general satisfaction and a positive mental wellbeing. Having the opportunity to work to suit you, would make you more productive, wouldn’t it? Choosing timings and environments provide you a base to complete your most focused and best work. Engaging with a flexible working schedule, that allows a reduction on these weekly travel times, will only improve productivity, thus reducing chances of workplace burnout. Furthermore, the opportunity to work flexibly will demonstrate the firm encourages a diverse talent pool; accommodating for people with differing needs: childcare, caregivers and personal medical needs. Understandably, flexibility isn’t always universally achievable for all roles, always, and if there is a positive work culture, you may not want to always work from home. However, with the knowledge that you can if needed, it should fill you with confidence that your company are considerate and dedicated to maintaining your satisfaction.


Study Support

Companies who offer a comprehensive study package; providing support to their trainees, whether that is time off for study, exams paid or simply approachable senior members for questions that need to be answered, retain their staff. Why wouldn’t you want to work for a company dedicated to training you? Study support encourages continuous self-development, providing you an opportunity to learn and refine new skills and obtain qualifications that are career specific. By investing in study support, organisations contribute to the competence and expertise of their workforce. This can result in a more skilled and capable team, ultimately benefiting the organisation's performance. Offering study support demonstrates a commitment to employees' growth and career advancement. This support from a firm, will boost your morale, overall satisfaction when at work and your enjoyment and pride of working for such a support firm. Showing the same loyalty to an employer, as they have shown you, becomes a lot easier when the training has been an incredibly enriching experience. A company who are dedicated to training and developing their staff is evidently an attractive proposition and something that should be forefront of your mind when looking.

With this support from a firm, will boost your morale, overall satisfaction when at work and your enjoyment and pride of working for such a support firm.


Workplace Support

Yes, exam support is incredibly important, however day-to-day work life support is equally important too. A happy workplace is generally a productive workplace and something that you should be reviewing when looking at your next move. Making a move to a new place of work is always daunting, whether that be because of a change of computer system, way of working or something silly as which mug to use for a coffee. Having a supportive network of colleagues can ease and alleviate these concerns and allow a transformation to be smooth. Surely starting within a role, where you wake up and look forward to starting work is preferable? Or a role where you make long lasting working relationships? Workplace support act as the foundations for any impressive workplace organisation.



Surely progression is attractive. A firm with a proven track record of promoting their staff throughout a firm would certainly be appealing to me! Starting with a firm who take pride with their top talent, would allow you a clear mapped out pathway to get to wherever you want in your work career. The opportunity of advancement often comes with new responsibilities and challenges. Progression opportunities allow employees to acquire and refine new skills, contributing to their professional development and making them more valuable contributors to the organisation. In summary, an environment in which there is no ceiling on your progression is essential to determination and feeling motivated. Surely you would want to work for a firm proud of their staff, celebrating their successes and acting accordingly. A clear career path may be something to consider when crafting your wish list.


In conclusion, Christmas serves as a unique and opportune time for individuals to reflect on their careers. The holiday season, with its reflective atmosphere, quality time with loved ones, and the break from routine, offers a chance to assess job satisfaction, set new goals, and consider potential adjustments to align one's professional life with personal aspirations. The positive energy and symbolic new beginnings associated with Christmas provide an inspiring backdrop for contemplating career paths and seeking renewed enthusiasm for the journey ahead. As we celebrate the spirit of giving and reflection, let us also extend this spirit to our professional lives, fostering a sense of purpose and direction as we step into a new year.

Posted by: Rutherford Briant