Celebrating 15 Years of Rutherford Briant

15 years since we started Rutherford Briant, the time has flown by, and yet so much has happened.

There are so many amazing people and achievements to reflect on and be very proud of.


April 2009 was right in the heart of the credit crunch recession. Most recruitment businesses were battening down the hatches and desperate just to survive as the UK recruitment industry contracted by over 15% in a year. This was the point that we decided to start up! Initially it was my very supportive and hugely influential wife, Donna and myself, with a clear intent: 

'If we are going to start a recruitment business in a recession, we had better be bloody good!'


Fortunately, we were. The business we have built and incredible team we have at Rutherford Briant most definitely are!

We started with a simple philosophy of building long-term relationships with clients and candidates. Something else that we are very proud to have delivered from the start. The very first client we filled a job role with, a FTSE listed business, we are still a preferred supplier to today and have filled multiple jobs with in every year that we have operated. Whilst we have so many examples of candidates who have become clients and come back to us as candidates over the years as their career have progressed.




As a start-up business, we were bold, we were confident and we had self-belief. If you are going to succeed in the recruitment sector, you must believe in your own ability, if you don’t, you can be sure that nobody else will. We were decisive and always fully believed in what we were doing. We have maintained this attitude throughout and instilled it across the team. Customers like the fact that our consultants are empowered to make decisions – they don’t need to go to a head office miles away or pass the details through a long chain of people. We take control and do what’s best for our customers who are pivotal to everything we do.

Behind every successful business, there's a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who work tirelessly to ensure the needs of our customers are met. Our employees are not just part of the company; they are the heart and soul of it. Their energy, creativity, and drive to achieve the best customer outcomes have been pivotal in reaching this 15-year milestone. Thank you to each and every employee who has helped us reach this milestone. Past or present you have all played your part and we are very grateful for your contributions.



As we celebrate our 15 years, this is not the time to sit back and become complacent. We must continue to focus and execute on the things we do well and develop the areas that need growth and improvement. It is time to reflect on the wisdom gained and build on the lessons learned along this journey.

I reflect on the past 15 years with a positive outlook for the next 15, I do so proudly and with a smile. Our superb team here at Rutherford Briant and our fantastic clients have all contributed to a brilliant journey.

Here's to another successful 15 years for all.


Posted by: Toby Briant