The Power of Face-to-Face Interviewing

Many people value the importance of face-to-face interviews when navigating the hiring process.

My recent poll on LinkedIn revealed that 58% of people require a face-to-face interview when recruiting, whilst only 7% would completely go without this interaction.

Although technology has undoubtedly facilitated remote communication, especially during the Covid years, it cannot fully replicate the dynamics of in-person meetings. Here are 4 benefits of meeting your candidates face-to-face during the recruitment process:


Rapport building

Being able to establish a personal connection with candidates is essential in gauging their cultural fit. All organisations have their unique cultures and values so, assessing a candidate’s alignment with these aspects is crucial for long-term success!


Assessing professionalism

How candidates present themselves in-person can speak volumes about their professionalism and attention to detail. From their attire to their punctuality, employers can gauge a candidate’s level of preparedness and commitment to the job through face-to-face interactions. These subtle indicators are often overlooked in virtual interviews.


Evaluating non-verbal cues

A significant portion of human communication is non-verbal. From body language to facial expressions, these cues provide valuable insights into a candidate’s personality, confidence level and interpersonal skills.


Candidate buy in

Beyond evaluating candidates, face-to-face interviews offer employers the opportunity to showcase their office environment, company culture and team dynamics. Being physically present in the workplace allows candidates to experience the atmosphere firsthand, creating a deeper connection and understanding of what it would be like to work within the organisation. This immersion can help encourage candidates to become more invested in the opportunity and less likely to drop out of the hiring process.


Technology has certainly transformed the way we conduct interviews. However, the essence of face-to-face interactions remains unparalleled and we have definitely seen the impact of this in recent times. In-person interviews offer a comprehensive approach to candidate evaluation and can reduce the likelihood and risk of drops outs throughout the hiring process.

Posted by: Phoebe Walden